How to Print

To start, download the printable PDF to your computer and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have that, you can download it for free here:

Once the PDF has been opened, there are two different ways you can print your inserts:

  1. Double-sided / duplex printing (if your printer allows this option)
  2. Single-sided printing


If you have a printer that prints double-sided, or duplex, then you can print the entire thing at once, clicking on the “Print on Both Sides of Paper” button. If you are printing full letter inserts (8.5″ x 11″) or Classic Happy Planner inserts (7″ x 9.25″) click on “Flip on Long Edge.” For all others, click on “Flip on Short Edge.”


“Flip on Long Edge” for Full Letter and Classic Happy Planner inserts.

“Flip on Short Edge” for all inserts except Full Letter and Classic Happy Planner size.


In you do not have a printer that prints duplex (OR if you notice that a section of the design is cut off on the edges when printing in double-sided format), use single-sided printing instead. Simply print all the odd pages first, then reload the paper back in to the printer and print the even pages on the backside of the paper. Please note, with some printers, you’ll need to click the “Reverse pages” box when printing the even pages.

Print “Odd pages only” first

Print “Even pages only” after reloading the paper. You may need to click on “Reverse pages” depending on your printer


  • Make sure you are printing in ACTUAL SIZE or CUSTOM SCALE 100%.
  • Open the PDF in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Do not open the PDF in your browser and try to print it from there.



“I downloaded the file, but it is a jumbled mess. The dates don’t line up!”

Yes, at first glance, the dates may seem off, or the pages may appear to be out of order. I promise you, this is intentional. In all sizes except for Full Letter and Classic Happy Planner, the printable has been designed in a “booklet” style format. That means once the entire PDF is printed following the directions above, you will simply trim the edges at the crop marks (if applicable) then cut or fold the stack in half to “close” the booklet and all the pages WILL be in the correct order.

Can I print these on US Letter size paper? What about US Legal size paper? What about A4 size paper?

Most inserts are designed to be printed on anything larger than the size of the each page or page set. This means that most can be printed on any of those listed (US letter, US legal, A4, etc). The exception is that the half letter and full letter inserts are only designed to be printed on the US letter size paper. I do not have an option for them to be printed on anything else at this time.

“The font and backside are not lining up. They are close, but not exact.”

If the pages aren’t printing centered on your paper, then there is either an issue with your printer alignment or an issue with your print settings. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Make sure all your printer’s software/firmware has been updated.
  2. Check all settings on the printer itself. Sometimes there will be a tools menu or something similar where you can test and fix alignment.
  3. Make sure the paper tray is full. If there are only a few sheets of paper, the rollers that pull have a harder time grabbing the paper.
  4. Print from bypass feed rather than the regular paper tray, if possible.
  5. Try printing single-sided and then manually feeding the paper back in to print the other side. Sometimes when the printer has to hold on to the paper to flip it, it will throw off the margins.
  6. If you can’t get any of these to work, another option would be to take the file to a local printer/office supply store that offers print service and have them print it for you.

Unfortunately, some printers just aren’t great at centering things perfectly. If you are still having an issue with alignment, please contact me to see if there is anything else we can try.

“The backside is printed upside down.”

If you are printing double-sided / duplex, you need to find the option in your print settings to change from “Flip on Long Edge” to “Flip on Short Edge.” It may also be listed as “Long Edge Binding” or “Short Edge Binding.”

If you are printing single-sided, you need to change how you reload the paper back into the printer when printing the even pages.